Javier Sepulveda Chamizo (Spain)

The japanese lessons from IRESCO are a very good chance to learn the language for all foreigners and also a great opportunity to meet many people with similar integration problems and interest.
One of the main problems for all foreigners is that at the beginning we don't know so much people in a new country, for me the most important is to meet many people and get information about different meetings, parties or interesting events.
Thanks to IRESCO (and other japanese lessons i attend) i was able to find an employ in Okinawa and I'm very grateful for that.
Thanks also to all the volunteers that use their free time to help people like me to start a new life in this beautiful island. You guys are the best !
Javier Sepulveda Chamizo (Spain)


Wow! イレスコ is amazing!
The friendship here is awesome. I really enjoy the free Japanese classes on Friday night.

  ユリカ アラガキ(日本)


  ルミコ オオナカ(日本)



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